Terms and Conditions:

  1. Limits are imposed on the number of passes allocated to individual organisations and/or publications. Applications may not be met in full.
  2. Only photographers and journalists who have a commission from a bona fide publication (print and/or digital) will be considered for a pass. The publication, commissioning editor, email address and phone number must be included on the application form and they may be contacted by the Devon County Show. Samples of published work may be requested.
  3. The number of allocated passes is limited and all applications will be decided on their merits.
  4. In return for the allocation of free press and photography passes and the full use of the facilities of the press centre, the Devon County Show would like permission to use up to a maximum of six of your photographs taken at the event within its annual journal and other publications, if required. Full acknowledgment and credit will be given to the photographer in these instances.
  5. All photographers must carry full public liability and third party liability insurance and by accepting these conditions indemnify the Devon County Show against all costs claims and other expenses that they may incur from any third party. All photographers are reminded that they enter the cattle lines and rings entirely at their own risk.
  6. All photographers and press badge holders must comply with the requests and instructions of the Devon County Show and stewards.
  7. Photographers wishing to enter the cattle lines will be issued with a wristband when registering with the press centre. This needs to be worn to gain access to the cattle lines and at all times for identification purposes when in the rings.
  8. Press badge holders are requested to make every effort at all times to avoid obstructing the view of the public and to act respectfully to each other, the stewards and spectators. To avoid delaying proceedings and in a bid to minimise disruption, photographers must comply with the requests and instructions of the stewards at all times.
  9. Press passes will not be allocated to advertising representatives.
  10. Any press badge holders in breach of these conditions will have their pass removed, be asked to leave the grounds and will not be allocated a pass to future events.
  11. Submission of the application form confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.