Mole Valley Farmers Press Release - Debut for Native Ponies Team at Devon County Show

Animal behaviourist Emma Massingale’s new Native Ponies Team will be making their debut at the Mole Valley Farmers’ ( village at Devon County Show on Thursday 18 and Saturday 20 May.

Nigel Bond, Shows and Events Manager explains: “We are extremely pleased to announce that Emma Massingale, one of Mole Valley Farmers’ sponsored riders, will be bringing half of her new Native Ponies Team to our stand on Thursday and the other half on the Saturday.  We feel very honoured that this will be their first public appearance and invite everyone to come along and meet them – plus Emma, of course!

As so many of our native equines are on the endangered list, it is great that at Devon County Show the public have the opportunity to see each breed and learn a bit more about them.  Also, weather permitting, Emma will be demonstrating their training routines for all to see.”

Emma says: “I am very excited to be getting my new, gorgeous (but slightly wild!) natives out and about.  It doesn’t matter if they are backed or trained – there is nothing like learning on the job. They include Annie the (Exmoor), Scout (Welsh), Rusty (New Forest), Albert (Shetland), Noah (Eriskay), Bridget (Dales), Darcy (Fell), Ely (Dartmoor), Hewie (Highland) and Comet (Connemara). “

She continued: “The main thing I have discovered from working with the ponies is just how different the characters of the breeds are and how their physical attributes make them so suitable for their original environment.  This is what has made my One Show TV adventures with each breed so fascinating.  There really is a type of native pony for every occasion!”

According to Horse and Hound magazine, Dales and Eriskay ponies are classed as ‘Critical’; Dartmoors and Exmoors ‘Endangered’; Fells and Highlands ‘Vulnerable’ and New Forest ponies ‘Minority’.      

Emma will also be signing her award-winning DVD The Island Project, which documents her solitary month spent living off the land on a remote Irish island, with just six Connemara ponies for company.

Notes to Editors

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